We are gamers. We play on our phones, our computers and our consoles. We make the games that we want to play

—hardcore, strategy, puzzle, casual, realistic, satirical, hilarious, terrifying, fun, wonderful games. We have read the books, seen the movies, been to the gallery, traveled the world, seen the play and sung the tune. We have seen the adventure that is out there, and we want you to come along.


In 2012 we started Third Track to make great games—games that we want to play, games that we think are fun. We didn’t set out to revolutionize the industry or to be the next behemoth of digital entertainment. We did it for ourselves, for our families, our health and our sanity. We did it to make something we can be proud of, on our terms. When we started out the founders all said to each other, “We’re all adults, we’ve all done this for 20 years, we have all done this for someone else, now it is time to do it for ourselves.”

Third Track, is made up of veterans from all disciplines of the game industry. We well over 50 titles under our belts. Primarily, our collective focus has been in the casual space with independent titles like: Gutterball 3D, Tamale Loco, Tamale Loco II, Atomic Pongling, Wordsense Challenge, QBeez, QBeez II, and Word Up on desktop platforms. For iOS devices we have developed: The Squadron, Tiki Towers, Tiki Towers II,  Slug Wars, Slug Wars II: To Shell and Back, Pinheads Party and Zombie Boss.

Our team members have also worked on licensed materials that include: Scrabble Journey, Merv Griffin’s Crosswords, The Deadliest Catch, and Planet Hot Wheels. In total our team members have been involved with over a dozen Top 10 hits in the casual space, in addition to several Top 20 and Top 50 hits.